The longest day of my life

I hinted around to this but never actually said it because I didn’t want to be raped, robbed, and murdered: A has been out of town for over a week and I have been flying solo this whole time.  In case you didn’t already know, I like my husband a lot lot, so having him gone for that long with minimal contact (he is in class all day and unable to text or call) is pretty miserable.  So while I was lucky to be able to sign up for some extra work days and go out of town on the Marriage Matters retreat, this was all still a small bandaid over the hurt I was feeling without my husband around.  So when he came home yesterday evening, I literally COULD NOT WAIT.  Which made yesterday quite possibly the longest day of my life (second only to the 48 hours I had to wait to see if I passed the NCLEX).

My plan was to sleep late but that didn’t work out because the little critters had other plans.  So I woke up around 7:30 and had about 4 cups of coffee.  Which reminds me, I have got to get another coffee maker other than the Keurig for days like this.  Those K-Cups will run up a grocery bill.


I went to the gym without any clear plan to how far I would run.  I ended up doing four 11ish minute miles before I got tired of the dreadmill and left.  By the way, what I am watching on TV makes all the difference in how far I can go.  Yesterday there were some people already watching Fox News and I HATE watching the news (I would rather read it) so it made for a miserable run, hence, only four slow miles.


I went to Target after that to get some wrapping paper and ended up walking out with this:


I can’t be the only person in the world that has this problem.  I ended up spending 2 hours in there and $150.  Good thing I worked some extra shifts at work while A was gone.

I came home and still had SO MUCH TIME to kill.  The dogs were getting stir crazy so I stood out on the back porch and threw the toy for them.  They have gotten to where they love for you to stand up there and throw the toy and they bark, run around the yard, and run up the stairs and bring it back.  I am sure this is terrible for their joints, but running is terrible for my knees and I still do it so clearly I am not the poster child for doing smart things.


Back to the wrapping paper incident: I had to buy wrapping paper because I bought A a little welcome home gift (have I mentioned my Love Language is gifts?) and needed to wrap it up just perfect for his arrival.


I also found him a totally appropriate/inappropriate weiner dog card.



With time STILL to kill, I got fancy and painted my toenails.  Not that he noticed at all, but it made me feel pretty.


I had a meeting to go to at work at 5pm, so I headed that way and when I got home… he had arrived!!!  I was so super pumped.


We decided to go to a late dinner at On Tap.



We took Scotty and sat out on the patio.  We found out that the sweet people there have water bowls that they bring out to your dog while you eat.  So sweet!  Scotty was pretty psyched about it.


I have to head back to work tomorrow but am enjoying a beautiful day at home with my little family today and soaking it in!

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